In commemoration of the victims of the Armenian Genocide, Man’oushee Bakery & Cafe will be closed all day on Wednesday, April 24, 2013. We will re-open at our regular business hours on Thursday, April 25. 

Our favorite summertime obsession is…our new Rosewater Mint Lemonade! So crisp and delicious on a hot summer day. Try it!

Roasted Chicken Plate (all white): Oven Roasted Chicken, with our delicious house garlic spread, pickled turnips, tabbouleh [instead of house green salad], hummus, fresh pita bread [not shown], and rice. 

Our signature cashew baklava. You haven’t had baklava until you’ve tried this version

In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we made yummy Conchas!

Managed to take a picture of the sweet and sticky palmiers we made this morning before they were all gone!

Vegan Semolina Fritters. Anise, extra virgin olive olive, rosewater syrup. A delicious Lebanese treat, best enjoyed with a demitasse of our bold Armenian coffee. 

The eponymous man’aish. Man’oushée means little man’aish. We take imported wild Lebanese thyme [za’atar], extra virgin olive oil and our secret blend of spices and spread it on our signature flatbread. It has a unique flavor, tangy and tart- delicious. … Read More (Source:

We marinate our USDA top choice steak with our signature allspice blend, lemon juice, red wine vinegar & extra virgin olive oil for at least twenty four hours and bake it, low and slow in the oven until… Read More