From Farm To Table

Everything made from scratch!


We marinate our USDA top choice steak with our signature allspice blend, lemon juice, red wine vinegar & extra virgin olive oil for at least twenty four hours and roast it, low and slow in our brick oven,… Read More


The eponymous man’oushee. For our signature za’atar manoushee, we take imported wild Lebanese thyme [za’atar], extra virgin olive oil and our house blend of spices and spread it on fluffy pita dough. It is baked in our brick… Read More

Custard Baklava

Our signature eggless custard is enveloped in layers and layers of delicate phyllo dough, doused with our house rosewater syrup, baked and topped with pistachios. Divine. (Pssst…the small or large trays are the perfect hostess gift.)